"No peito um coração não há, mas duas medalhas sim..."-Os Incríveis

hello!! welcome to my website

please read this first!

i used a layout generator made by sadgrl to make this website (ful credit to them!)

im really bad at programming but i tried my best at making this website!!

what im making right now

im making alot of things right now like this website, some of my digimon fanart and making a brazil simulator game where you can have a digimon lol

im very bored right now but i still have alot to do right now idk mannnnn

my fave characters list!!

  • oyajitchi,bill, sekitoritchi, charitchi, and zatchi (vintage tamagotchi)
  • hanatchi, debatchi, melodytchi and milktchi (modern tamagotchi)
  • nanimon, vademon, sukamon, numemon, wizarmon and angewomon (digimon)
  • hiroshi, takeshi and fuwatti (ao oni)
  • currycutta dondy!!! (taiko no tatsujin)
  • wigglytuff, ariados and jirachi(pokemon)
  • FHC!!!!!!!!!